Advanced Microwave Treatment for Bio-Based Products

We're Transforming Organic Waste Streams into Renewable Energy Resources

The need for rapid technological development to mitigate climate change has never been greater. 
At Ashleigh Environmental we focus on designing and developing innovative technologies for the bioeconomy. We are passionate about technologies that are sustainable and contribute positively to the environment around us.

To date, we have developed our patent pending Biowave™ microwave treatment system. 
Biowave™ enables customers to cost effectively maximise the value of their organic waste streams through a first to market microwave pre-treatment technology which liberates difficult to digest organic feedstocks, increases biogas production by up to 25% and reduces hydraulic retention time.
Biowave™ target markets are Municipal, Food & Drink, and Industrial Anaerobic Digestion

Our Technology

Advanced Microwave Biotechnology

Our biowave™ microwave pre-treatment system has been developed to industrial scale and is designed to liberate difficult to break down organic by-products prior to being anaerobically digested for the creation of renewable energy. 
In addition, microwaves can sterilise and “clean-up” certain waste streams and enable environmentally sustainable handling and processing.
Microwaves have been traditionally used in the chemical and pharma industry and now offer an exciting and disruptive alternative to existing waste pre-treatment technologies.


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