Our Technology

Industrial Scale Microwave Treatment
Greater Biogas Production
Faster AD Reaction Time
Multiple Bioenergy Feedstock Potential 
Bespoke Remote Control & Monitoring
What does the microwave do?

The biowave™ microwave pretreatment system acts as a cell buster, liberating the organic matter that cannot otherwise be easily digested in a conventional Anaerobic Digester. Up to now, microwave treatment of organic waste for the purpose of enhancing biogas production has been widely researched and the technical and economic advantages are significant. We are now bringing this to commercial reality.



Key advantages


  • Microwave radiation provides a rapid and energy-efficient heating process as compared to conventional technologies (e.g., 50% more efficient than heating by natural gas, steam).

  • Decreasing reaction times in the digester, thus saving time, energy and reducing AD equipment size.

  • Homogenizing heating of reaction mixture, minimising generation of inhibitors. 

  • AD is accelerated, cell walls disrupted allowing bacteria to act much faster.


“The application of microwaves to pretreat lignocellulosic biomass is one of the most promising valorisation techniques” - A Sustainable Bioeconomy: The Green Industrial Revolution, Springer, 2017


Why optimise Anaerobic Digestion?
  • AD projects are typically multi-million euro investments and plant optimisation is essential for attractive payback. 

  • Indigestible organics drive down process efficiency and significantly hurt the bottom line. 

  • Financial viability is often primarily driven by favourable government tariff regimes. The industry needs new and transformative technology to change this dynamic.